Unemployment Eligibility

Am I eligible to receive unemployment benefits?

  • In order to claim unemployment benefits, an individual needs to have earned enough money during their “base year”, which is the first four quarters of their last five completed quarters. This regulation must be met at the time the individual files their claim.
  • Unemployment compensation may not apply to someone who has resigned from their position.
  • Unemployment compensation may not apply to someone who was fired from their position.
  • Unemployment compensation if for those individuals who have lost their job to no fault of their own. If an employer was forced to make cutbacks, furloughs, or something out of the employees’ control, then it may be possible for them to collect unemployment compensation.
  • In the event that unemployment compensation is granted, the employee must keep in mind that they must be willing and prepared to return to work in order to claim unemployment benefits. This may be their previous job or may be a new job found.
  • Unemployed employees must also be actively seeking employment through each week that they claim Unemployment Compensation Benefits.
  • An individual who receives unemployment benefits and is not entitled to them, may result in their future benefits being reduced or removed until the unentitled benefits are repaid.

Legal Eligibility Information

The employee must meet the following three conditions:

  1. Financial Eligibility: An employee must first determine if they have earned enough credit weeks and adequate wages in employment covered by PA UC Law. After filing, the employee will be given a notice of financial determination which will let them know whether or not they are financially eligible.
  2. Benefit Eligibility: If condition #1 is met, the nature of the job loss or separation must be examined. Unemployment needs to determine why a particular individual is out of work. This question will be answered by the response the employee gives when filing and the response the employer gives receiving the unemployment paperwork.
  3. Maintaining Eligibility and Requalifying for Benefits: The third condition that must be met is that the employee must meet numerous tests on a weekly basis. Tests may include being able to accept work when given and being active

This information and additional information can be found on the Pennsylvania Unemployment Website: