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Dr. Deanna Mennig Lori Conway Jeff Zimmerman
ELECT/ECYEH Supervisor ELECT Coordinator ECYEH
Foster Region 7 Coordinator

Office: (570) 718-4654
Cell: (570) 899-9399

Office: (570)718-4643

Office: (570) 718-4613
Frank Ramiza Darcy Berti Kara Vanesky
ELECT Case Manager ELECT Case Manager
ECYEH Program Specialist
Administrative Assistant

Office: (570) 718-4627

Office: (570) 718-4697



ELECT (Education Leading to Employment and Career Training) offers free case management and supportive services to expectant or parenting teen mothers and fathers 21 years old and younger. ELECT will help them achieve their highest potential, both personally and academically. ELECT will encourage students to become successful parents and citizens, by providing the support they need to stay in school through graduation.

All services are:

  • Free
  • Confidential
  • Conveniently available at your School or Home


The main objective of PA’s Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness (ECYEH) program is to make sure homeless youth have access to appropriate education while removing barriers that homeless children face, its goal is to have the educational process continue as uninterrupted as possible while the children are in homeless situations. Some of the other objectives of our program are to inform school districts of their responsibilities to homeless children and youth, increase awareness about the needs of homeless children, explain current legislation and policies and provide practical tips for working with homeless children.