Non-Public Schools

Angelo DePrimo
Sue Kuhl
Supervisor of Act 89 Services SPOC for Non-Public

Mission Statement

The nonpublic/private school services program consists of programs provided through Act 89 resources and federal and state resources. All services and programs are intended to provide opportunities for both student and teacher growth, professional development, technology training, and continued student achievement. Students may be referred for services by a teacher,parent, guidance counselor, or administrator.

Program Features Under Act 89

Remedial Reading Instruction- Grades: K-4

Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessments
Age Appropriate, Individualized Instruction
Computer-Assisted Instruction
Quarterly Student Progress Reports

Remedial Mathematics Instruction- Grades: K-4

Comprehensive Diagnostic and Prescriptive Program
Computer- Assisted Instruction
Quarterly Progress Reports

Guidance and Counseling Services

Secondary guidance and counseling services are provided to assist students in a variety of endeavors. These include, but are not limited to: course scheduling, college applications, monitoring student progress, parent consultations, and the overall social and behavioral development of each student
Elementary guidance and counseling services are provided to children experiencing both cognitive and social developmental issues relative to the transition to the formal learning environment. Counselors collaborate with both parents and school officials to assure an optimum learning environment for each child. Conferences are scheduled, if necessary, as a means to monitor student progress ans development.
A psychologist is available to conduct assessments upon referral to determine if factors may exist that may preclude a child from reaching his or her academic potential. Based on comprehensive assessments and student observations, the psychologists may recommend accomodations or a child find procedure to further examine factors impacting student success in school.