Special Education Certification Program

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Teaching Certification in Special Education grades PreK-12

This accelerated program is offered to candidates who already possess a Bachelor’s degree in any content area, but would like to be a special education teacher. This flexible program allows the student to work in a hybrid format with classes in the evening and online.

With this certification you will be able to:

  • Serve and act as a resource for the care givers of students possessing a wide range of abilities and disabilities based upon their identified needs, whether they be cognitive, behavioral, psychomotor, affective, or functional
  • Collaborate and advocate for with individuals with disabilities and other professionals in this field of education
  • Provide and evaluate effective instruction, through appropriately developed learning opportunities for individuals with diverse needs in a variety of educational environments
  • Teach in any school in the state of Pennsylvania in the area of Special Education

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I earn upon successful completion of the program?
Upon successful completion of the program and proficient scores on the required State tests, you will earn an PA Instructional I teaching certificate in PK-12 Special Education. This will allow you to work as a special education teacher in PA public schools.

Do I need a degree in Education to join this program?
A Bachelor’s Degree in any field is required for this program.

What if I have not completed my Bachelor’s degree but I am close to finishing? Can I apply?
You must have earned a Bachelor’s degree to apply to this program.

Can I still work and complete this program?
All the courses will take place in the evening or online.

Where do I start with entering the program?
Start by examining your transcript. You will need 6 undergraduate credits in Mathematics, 3 credits in English Composition, and 3 credits in English Literature. You will also need a Bachelor’s Degree in any field with an overall 3.0 GPA. Please visit the website or Academic Handbook where additional requirements will be detailed

What if I have a Bachelor’s Degree but do not meet the Undergraduate Course or GPA Requirements?
You will need to reach out to the Certification Program Office and see if you qualify for an alternative pathway.

Are there requirements I must meet to remain in the program?
You will need to maintain a 3.0 throughout the program. If you receive a grade below a “C”, you will need to retake the course. Please see our handbook or website for additional requirements.

How many credits are required?
The full program includes 50 credits plus a 12-week, 12 credit student teaching experience. This program will take into account each candidate’s previous work experience and prior educational coursework to determine each individual’s pathway to certification.

What is the cost per credit?
The cost will be $175 per credit.

Is financial aid available?
Because of the low cost per credit, we do not offer financial aid. All courses will need to be paid in advance of attending the class. We do accept credit cards.

How do I find out if I can receive credits for life experience or past coursework?
You will need to go through the LIU Required Courses Form and fill out a request form to substitute (below). Submit the form(s) with your application. The Admission Council will review your requests and inform you of the decision.

Will I need to complete student teaching?
Twelve weeks will be required as part of this program.

Any additional questions please reach out to certificationprogram@liu18.org