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Lighthouse Cyber Services Overview

An ongoing goal of the Intermediate Unit is to respond to the needs of our members and provide them with high quality services that leverage the buying power of a consortium. Over the past three years, the Intermediate Unit has worked to expand its capacity to support our member school districts in the areas of hybrid and online learning through our work with Dellicker Strategies and the Pennsylvania Hybrid Learning Initiative. Through hybrid learning, the Intermediate Unit has developed relationships and experiences with various digital content providers. Last summer, the Intermediate Unit served as a hub for online credit recovery for our districts, creating the final catalyst for Lighthouse Cyber Services.

Throughout the course of the year we have evaluated multiple options to support the needs of our member districts. Taking into the wide variety of online learning programs that encompass full cyber programs, credit recovery options, curriculum acceleration and the offering of AP and other advanced courses we looked to outside partners who can provide comprehensive services. In the effort to provide a continuum of services to the districts within the Luzerne Intermediate Unit, we have entered into a partnership with Capital Area Online Learning Association (CAOLA), Edmentum, and Edgenuity. Our relationship with these vendors allows us to bring a wide variety of options in content for both fully online students and blended learning programs in traditional school settings. Additionally, there is a range of supplementary services that support online learning students and districts available through our partnerships. We are confident that through our relationship with these vendors we will be able to meet the needs of any and all online learners in our region.

Why consider using Lighthouse Cyber Services?

Partnering with numerous vendors will provide us with a full range of solutions to support any district’s implementation needs, from full time cyber programs ranging from K-12 with a wide variety of electives, credit recovery options, Keystone Assessment Remediation, CTE, and Advanced Placement. This partnership also brings assistance with policy development, support in marketing, benchmark assessments, Digital Citizenship and Safety Course-a free online course for the entire district, and access to emerging cyber services, like Presence Learning, as a member of a consortia. Additionally, professional development for administrative, professional, and support staff is included with the program to ensure success at every level of implementation.

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