Each individual school district has their own registration process. Most districts begin the Kindergarten Registration Process in early spring. The cut-off dates for Kindergarten acceptance vary from district to district. All districts have a screening process. This usually includes a readiness screener, and health related screenings; (ie: speech, hearing, vision). All districts will require paperwork at the time of registration. Districts will ask you to bring various copies to the registration. Most often, be prepared to bring the child’s birth certificate, proof of residency, and most recent /up-to-date vaccinations.

Under Pennsylvania Code: § 11.14. Admission to kindergarten when provided:

When kindergarten is provided, the board of school directors shall establish the district’s minimum entry age to kindergarten. The minimum entry age to kindergarten may not be less than 4 years, no months, before the first day of the school term. The district’s maximum entry age to kindergarten must be less than the district’s entry age for beginners.


LIU 18 School Districts’ Kindergarten Registration Schedule 2019