Master of Education in Special Education

King’s College offers Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18 (LIU18) post-baccalaureate educators the unprecedented opportunity to earn course credit toward a Master of Education in Special Education. For those who are in the process of completing or have completed the certification program, this program aligns the LIU18’s certification program competencies to graduate credit with the addition of supplemental key assignments. Simultaneously or retroactively, qualified educators can earn a master’s degree, complemented by the ability to leverage grants and financial aid. The articulated program directly addresses the national teacher shortage, removes barriers to access, and enriches the community.

Benefits of our master’s degree program

  • Designed for working professionals.
  • Minimize additional graduate-level credits by leveraging LIU coursework into this program.
  • Complete supplemental assignments through an online learning management system, allowing you to work at your own pace.
  • Receive graduate specialized training in creating and implementing individualized education plans (IEPs) and differentiated instructional strategies. Enhance your learning through mentorship opportunities with experienced faculty and renowned practitioners in the field.
  • Leverage networking opportunities aimed at fostering connections and professional growth within the Special Education community.
  • Gain initial 24 credits toward certification (Level 2) and earn a master’s degree.

For an overview, please watch this brief video:

LIU CourseKing’s CourseLIU CreditKing’s Credit
LIU 516 Curriculum and Instruction for Low Incidence DisabilitiesEDUC 516 Reading Disabilities: Diagnosis and Prescription33
LIU 512 Instructional PlanningEDUC 584 Interactive Learning33
LIU 515 Curriculum and Instruction, High Incidence.EDUC 586 Inclusionary Classroom Practices33
LIU 503 Special Education LawEDUC 720 Special Education School Law and Regulations33
LIU 513 Early InterventionEDUC 730 Early Intervention Infant/Preschool33
LIU 511 Introduction to Curriculum and PlanningEDUC 740 Universal Design for Learning and Response to Intervention33
LIU 514 Classroom Management Using Positive Behavior SupportEDUC 750 School-wide Behavior Support and Behavior Management33
LIU 531 Home, School, and Community Relations/EDUC 760EDUC 760 Transition Systems from School to Adult33
Not ApplicableEDUC 590 Practical Research for Educators03
Not ApplicableEDUC 770 Special Education Master’s Capstone Project03
LIU18 courses eligible to receive additional King’s course credit (optional, not required to receive your M.Ed)LIU CreditKing’s Credit
LIU 521 Literacy FoundationsEDUC 510 Literacy Foundation (not required for the M.Ed. in SPED)3optional 3 credits
LIU 517 AssessmentEDUC 521 Alternative Assessment (not required for the M.Ed. in SPED)3optional 3 credits

Sample Special Education Dual Enrollment Schedule 2 Year Plan

Costs and Financial Aid for LIU and Kings Dual Enrollment

To get started, apply to LIU18 certification program and we will notify King’s College to get you enrolled in both programs.
Any additional questions, please reach out to