Speech/Language Therapy


The Speech/Language Therapy Department through LIU #18 provides educational support services to students with speech and/or language impairments. Speech and Language disorders can be classified in any of the following areas: Articulation/Phonology, Expressive /Receptive Language and Fluency. The school-based SLP can also assess the need for the use of assistive technology in the school setting.

The Role of the Speech/Language Therapist in the school setting

In the state of Pennsylvania, a Speech Therapist must hold a Master’s Degree, state license and certification in order to be employed in the school setting. Continuing education requirements are also required to maintain the state license and certification.

In the school setting, Speech Therapists work as part of the Special Education team in providing screenings and evaluations to students from Preschool to age 21. These students can have a variety of disabilities leading to deficits in speech and language skills. Some of these deficits can be in the areas of speech production (articulation), receptive language (understanding), expressive language (use of language), fluency (stuttering) and voice.

Services are provided on an individual or small group basis. The Speech Therapist provides strategies for listening, speaking, reading, writing and learning in the general and special education settings. Speech Therapists work in collaboration with regular education teachers, special education teachers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, parents and other team members.

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