GIEP/Chapter 16

The LIU’s Technical Assistance Consultants are trained in writing GIEPs and available to provide assistance to teachers of gifted education in Luzerne and Wyoming Counties who are interested in learning more about this process. A GIEP is a written plan describing the education to be provided to a gifted student. Each GIEP must include:

  • Present Levels of Educational Performance
    A written statement of the student’s present levels which includes ability and assessment test scores, group and individual achievement measures, grades, progress on goals, instructional levels, aptitudes, interests, specialized skills, products and evidence of excellence in other than academic areas. Present levels must be updated annually.
  • Goals and Outcomes
    A statement of annual goals and short-term learning outcomes which should be child-specific, measurable and based on the child’s learning needs. Annual goal and outcomes should indicate where the learning experience should begin and specify the performance levels to be achieved.
  • Specially Designed Instruction
    A statement of the specially-designed instruction and support services to be provided to the student which includes adaptations or modifications to the general curriculum, environments, methods, materials or a specialized curriculum for students who are gifted. Specially designed instruction for gifted students may include compacting or acceleration and may be delivered in a variety of settings.