Gifted Program Polices

To complement their work related to differentiated instruction for gifted students, a number of LIU districts noted interest in having the LIU help to refine, formalize and/or document detailed policies and procedures related to other options available to gifted students within their standard programming. To this end, the LIU drafted “boilerplates” that districts can utilize in the adoption of their own policies and procedures. It is expected that the format and general text of these guides can be widely accepted by the districts that choose to offer these options to their students. Decisions can be made in regard to certain specific criteria best suited to the goals, capabilities and structures of each specific district. (Options for each of these areas are presented in red type. Districts are asked to make adaptations to suit their individual needs, seek board approval, as necessary, and use these documents to direct their delivery of additional service options for the gifted students in their district. It is also recommended that advice of legal counsel be sought before adopting any of the attached sample application or acceptance forms.

The LIU embraced this task as an additional means of assisting our districts to provide options for our gifted students. Central to this exercise is the idea that, by bringing these services to the forefront and by formalizing their designs, the service options will be offered to more students, more often, and more efficiently and effectively. We anticipate that these services will be added to the framework of the GIEPs utilized by the districts.