Transition Opportunities

Community Based Vocational Training

Community Based Vocational Training (CBVT) allows students with disabilities that are of transition age to learn employment and transferable skill. A job mentor assists the student to prepare for employment outcomes at various work sites throughout Luzerne County. CBVT sites are selected based on student interest and abilities. Students participate in on to three 10 week cycles with a maximum of three students assigned to each mentor. Students are assessed based on a task analysis of each specific job.

CBVT sites include but are not limited to: LIU Front Desk, LIU Custodian, LIU Warehouse, YMCA, Danko’s, Ashley Homestore, CVS Kingston, Gerrity’s West Pittston, Schiel’s Family Market, Mill Library, Mt. Fresh, Lands at Hillside, Epona, Country Heart Farm and Grotto Pizza.

Community Living Transition Class

The Community Living Transition Class (CLTC) at LCCC is a transition opportunity for youth with disabilities 18 years of age or older with a post-secondary goal of employment or education/training and independent living. The curriculum content of this program includes: social skills, budgeting skills, banking, shopping management/organizational sill, public transportation skill, employability skill and job shadowing activities. Because the class is located on a college campus, students are afforded an opportunity to interact with college age peer, to audit a class, as appropriate, while still in high school. Students are assessed using student portfolios, interest inventories, situational assessments and formal assessments. A special education teacher and para-educator help students reach their full potential.

This program is located on the campus of the Luzerne County Community College, Nanticoke, PA.

Document Destruction Depot

The Document Destruction Depot (DDD) is a paid employment transition opportunity for youth with disabilities who have a post-secondary goal of employment.. The DDD is operated by the Luzerne Intermediate Unit. This program teaches students various employability skills and job skills specific to warehousing. Student must be at least 18 years of age to operate the shredder. Students work a maximum of three days per week. A job mentor guides the student and ensures safety while at the DDD Safety and job training is provided to students prior to beginning employment.

The DDD is located at the lighthouse Academy in Plains, PA. .

Dream Green Farm

The Dream Green Farm is a paid employment transition opportunity offered to youth with disabilities with a post-secondary goal of employment. This opportunity is a partnership with the Luzerne Intermediate Unit and the Land at Hillside. The donated greenhouse and farmland offer a non-traditional classroom for students. Students learn agriculture, horticulture, employability, social and marketing skills. These skills are practiced during seasonal sales as well as the Farmer’s Market. Two job coaches oversee and mentor the student to reach their highest potential.

This program is located at the Lands at Hillside in Shavertown, PA.

Real Academy

The REAL (Rewarding Education Adult Living) Academy is a community living transition opportunity for youth with disabilities. The program helps students develop independent living skills while supporting students who may have a post-secondary goal of employment. The REAL Academy operates as a full day program for the entire school year. The curriculum of this program includes functional living skills including the following: social, budgeting, banking, shopping, cooking, housekeeping, management/organizational, public transportation, and employability. Opportunities for job shadowing/training activities occur both in the community and at the REAL Academy. Students are assessed using student portfolios, interest inventories, situational assessments and formal assessments. A special education teacher and a para-educator help students to reach their full potential.

Class Rotations for LIU and District Special Education classes are geared for teachers and students to utilize the REAL Academy facility to further enhance their transition instruction. Classes are scheduled to attend one full week each quarter for a total of four weeks. During the first week the students participate in kitchen activities and following recipes. The second week is devoted to housekeeping activities including making beds, washing windows, etc. The 2nd floor of the REAL Academy is set up for the student to work on skills such as table setting, stocking shelves, folding linens and office etiquette during the third week. Finally, during the fourth week the students participate in a transition project selected by their classroom teacher. This setting is appropriate for high school Life Skills, Physical Support, and Autistic Support classes.

The REAL Academy is located on Mill Street in Pittston, PA.

Vocational Transition Shop

The Vocational Transition Shop is a transition opportunity for youth with disabilities, whose post-secondary goal is that of employment. The program is designed to accommodate a morning and afternoon session. The curriculum content consists of technical skills, transferable skills (i.e. hygiene, punctuality, and conflict resolution) and reading and math in the vocational context. The vocational areas that the student may experience are maintenance, landscaping, auto detailing, and customer service. This program is designed for students who desire vocational learning but require specially designed instruction and accommodations for success. Students are assessed in this program using curriculum based assessment, task analysis, situational assessments and student portfolios. A speciation teacher and at least one full time para-educator help the students to reach their highest potential.

The Vocational Transition Shop is located at the Wilkes-Barre Area Career & Technical Center.