Types of Transition Experiences

  • Job Shadowing: These opportunities are facilitated by the Transition Specialist and/or career counselor at the district level which allows students to visit a job site of interest and be exposed to the responsibilities and duties of that particular career. These experiences help students determine if they are interested in pursuing that career.
  • Paid Work Experience: This transition opportunity is offered to students seeking gainful employment prior to exiting their secondary educational experience. As part of the students’ transition program, students have the opportunity to receive school credit in addition to receiving monetary compensation. The students’ work-based goals are monitored regularly by a special education teacher and/or cooperative education certified instructor.
  • Skilled Co-Op: Skilled Co-Op is a referral program offered to students at the career technical centers and at the district level. This program offers students and opportunity to work in their area of training and receive monetary compensation for their efforts. The vocational coordinator will facilitate this opportunity.